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Basic Full Body Massage   A full body massage with extra attention paid to areas of tension and pain if needed. If you are not comfortable with a full body massage, the therapist can tailor the massage to your needs for the best therapeutic results.

Rich Moisturizing Massage for Dry Skin  A therapeutic massage to relieve muscle tension, pain and stress that is richly moisturizing using a premium massage cream, botanical oils and vitamin E to promote healthy skin and relieve dryness.

Ultimate One Hour Back Massage  This is the back massage you've been needing. The entire back is massaged and relaxed from the low back to mid and upper back, shoulders and neck.

Partial Massage Targets problem areas such as neck shoulders and upper back, or feet, legs and hip flexors.

Massage with Oxygen Therapy

Feel incredibly relaxed, renewed and rejuvinated with a massage and the added benefits of pure oxygen.

Stand-alone Oxygen Therapy

Choose the length of time you would like to relax on the soft, warm table with pillows and blankets in a quiet, darkened room where the music softly plays and you breathe in relaxing oxygen. A great break for your day!

10 minutes - $10.00, 20 minutes - $15.00, 30 minutes - $25.00, 40 minutes - $35.00, 50 minutes - $45.00, 60 minutes - $55.00

20 Minute Herbal Facial Massage 25.00    relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage using botanicals, sweet almond oil and Vitamin E. Promotes healthy, moisturized, soft skin and deep relaxation.

Hot Stones  Add hot stones to any massage for $5.00

Reflexology (30 minutes, feet only) $30.00   Extremely relaxing as well as therapeutic, reflexology benefits the whole body by activating points in the feet that correspond to organs and structures of the body.


Reiki by Sharon Russell $65.00

During a one hour session, you will experience the soothing, relaxing, and healing effects of Universal Life Energy. Channeled Reiki energy will help to balance your chakras and will help your body to release blockages in order to heal itself or maintain good health. Reiki benefits your entire being (physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual).




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